About Us

We are experienced computer consultants and trainers, and data recovery specialists who provide computer services, support, training and technical advice to residents of Manhattan's Upper West Side and to small businesses throughout New York City.


We are your own, personal IT Department, Help Desk and Technical Trainers.

The following is an overview of our professional backgrounds:

Who We Are:

Teachers and Trainers
One-on-One Specialists
Data Recovery Experts
Systems Analysts
WEB Developers
Project Managers
Programmers and
Software Developers
Business Analysts
Technical Writers
Web Designers
Data Recovery Experts
Web Developers
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialists

Software Proficiencies:
Visual Basic
ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML
SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase Access
Visual Studio, FrontPage, Macromedia/Adobe Graphics & Development Software

At SamRoitman.com, we have 25+ years in project management, systems analysis, data recovery, software and WEB development, teaching and training.

We install and troubleshoot software and hardware, transfer data to new installations, and recover data from corrupted drives. We have been working with networks and computer communications since 1979.

Much of our professional teaching involves training people who are reluctant to use new technologies.

Some of the organizations who have used our services include:

Chase Manhattan Bank
Chemical Bank
CIT Group
Marsh and McLennan
Merrill Lynch

Schindler Elevator
Sperry and Hutchinson
United Nations
United Parcel Service
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