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computer services new york city  Based in New York City, we are experts in website design, web development, search engine optimization, computer training, computer help and data recovery.

SamRoitman.com, Inc. is a full-service computer and data recovery firm helping businesses and residents in New York City. We specialize in websites, SEO and training: Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, photo and video-editing software.

We recover lost data, set up wireless networks, troubleshoot computer and network problems, design and develop websites. Our extensive background includes expertise in search engine optimization(SEO). What is SEO and why should you care: It means we write and develop websites so Google, Yahoo! and Bing (et al) will find your site and put it near the top of the search page results. This means when people search for your products and services, they will find you before your competitors.

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 computer help new york city In addition, we also provide:

  • Web design and development services
  • Support and training for non-profits and small businesses, including law, dental and medical offices
  • Custom programming, database support and development
  • Data recovery services
  • Backup recommendations and services
  • Peripheral equipment support for
    • Smartphones
    • Printers, all-in-ones, etc.
    • Digital cameras

 search engine optimization new york city SEO We offer onsite training, group classes, or one-on-one tutoring at our location. Learn graphics, photography, and other software, including:

  • Editing and enhancing your photographs (digital and analog)
  • Creating slideshows (which can be developed for special occasions, too, such as "big" birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, etc.)  We can even use old photographs, old letter collections, anything that can be digitally scanned -- even Great-Grandpa's photo from 1893!)

 website design new yock city We teach students (both children and adults) to surf the internet safely and efficiently.

  • When you do research, it is helpful to use Boolean operators. (e.g., plus sign "+" , minus sign "-" ) (and use quotation marks around your phrases!) Do you know the most effective method to search for a page or concept within a particular site? ... or domain?  Most people are unaware of such capabilities and techniques, waste  valuable time, and overlook important available information.
  • When friends send you emails that promise free merchandise, ask you to sign a petition, or urge you to delete a file from your computer because it is a "known virus" -- do you handle it correctly? Can you tell if these are real or bogus? ... helpful or harmful? 
  • Can you spot a phishing scam?  Can you tell if an email is from eBay or your bank, or from someone trying to steal your identity?  If not, we can help you become internet and email-savvy.

 Computer training, tutors new york city  It might be easier to explain our services by telling you what we don't do: 

  • We do not drill through walls to install cables;
  • We do not host websites

We do just about everything else required for personal and small business PC use and enjoyment.

* NOTE: We do not guarantee page 1 results in any search engine, though we have always achieved this in the past for our clients. However, no one legitimate guarantees this. The search engine algorithms are proprietary, and no one can legitimately guarantee page 1 ranking results. We do NO black hat techniques, and adhere strictly to widely-accepted SEO principles


We are computer consultants who have been providing software and hardware solutions for homes, offices and non-profits for over 25 years.







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Viruses and Spyware
We are Computer Consultants on Manhattan's Upper West Side, offering software and hardware solutions for homes, offices and non-profit organizations

Specialists in data recovery, website design and SEO, Microsoft training, and Dreamweaver tutoring. Other software support also available from SamRoitman.com We offer computer help and computer support for small business and personal computer use for clients from the Upper West Side, midtown. lower Manhattan. etc.
  • Wireless network specialists
  • Spyware removal experts
  • Virus removal experts

PC bugs?

We fix computer bugs

Spyware and Viruses can cripple  your computer - but we know how to fix it